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LJ Hooker is a brand New Zealanders know and trust. Our national marketing strategy is to promote our business, our offices and our expertise. Already we have seen a $147 million increase in the LJ Hooker Group’s office sales revenue generated over the past three years due to customer centric marketing.Our purpose is to make your business a success and we will work hard together with you to achieve this goal.



We will always focus on increasing appraisals, auctions and listing for you and our network.

Currently we are running a nationwide advertising campaign aimed at strengthening and developing our presence throughout New Zealand. Ultimately, this will foster greater engagement by New Zealanders with our offices in the LJ Hooker network. Customers are incentivised by these campaigns and this will assist in increasing appraisal requests, which in-turn drives listings and increases revenue.



Our always on digital strategy harnesses Facebook and Google advertising to boost brand recognition and generate leads that are distributed to our offices.

On an office and agent level, we have teamed up with Facebook social media partner, Spoke, to maximise your online social media marketing strategies. This is the perfect social marketing tool for promoting you as an agent. It creates maximum exposure, assists in staying in touch with past clients, generates leads and keeps you connected with your local community.

This industry-leading technology also has the added advantage of allowing us to analyse and interpret real estate audiences.  It has been designed to ensure you are reaching the right people at the right time with the right message.



In addition to social media, you will be encouraged to look for opportunities within your community by using a range of marketing strategies aimed at the local market. This includes the importance of seasonal marketing, to tie in with events and holidays.  Agents can also access tips on office profiling, prospecting and access a range of listing tools.

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